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FAA Approved
Unmanned Aerial Imaging


In an industry that is completely flooded with new companies and inexperienced operators, sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between operators who actually know what they are doing, and those who just got a new toy and are "ready to go to work". This is where the Copter Kids' experience comes in. With over 9 years of experience in the unmanned aerial film industry, dozens of features and countless high end commercials under our belt, our experience speaks for itself. Of course, you don't have to believe us; just ask around, word of mouth has been our only form of marketing and has always served us well!


FAA Certified for closed set motion picture and television productions.


FAA Part 107 and 333 Certified

Copter Kids are officially approved for commercial work within the United States for both standard aerial imaging as well as for work specifically in the motion picture industry through our section 333 exemption, this is in addition to the standard part 107 certification for commercial remote pilots. We are FAA certified full scale and remote pilots with FAA registered aircrafts.


What does that mean?


Having both a section 333 exemption for commercial drone use as well as being part 107 compliant means that we have multiple tools in our belt when it comes to permitting commercial operations. There are times when utilizing one certification is better than the other, so by having both we are able to operate in more places, with less resrictions and less hoops to jump through than if we were simply part 107 certified. Also, since our pilots are part 61 (manned airplane) pilots, air traffic control is much more likely to allow our operations in controlled airspace than with 107 pilots.



In a world that is ever evolving, technology is not just something to be kept up with, but something to be led. Which is exactly what Copter Kids do; we lead the curve with the latest equipment, keeping our fleet as well as camera collection at a level that leaves others in the dust.

Aside from looking good, our new generation of aerial rigs is built to be as safe and reliable as possible. These are features that Copter Kids have built ourselves on, and with the rise of the Unmanned Aerial Industry at an all-time high, stories of on-set crashes and mishaps by newcomers seem to be flooding the film world. This is where our equipment and experience shine. Safety always comes first.

Based in Reno, NV but work worldwide. \\ Tel: 530-913-1313



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